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Friday, October 3, 2008
DIG Leads Housing Microfinance Training in the Hague

"On September 29th to October 1st, over 50 banks, NBFIs and MFIs from 28 countries participated in FMO’s “Housing Microfinance Conference” in The Hague, The Netherlands.

Though the microfinance industry has already made great strides in the housing sector, the reality is that access to housing finance for lower income segments remains limited. FMO recognized this and brought client institutions together to build knowledge on housing microfinance and to explore new opportunities in this market. Both commercial banks eager  to learn more about downscaling and MFIs who wanted to gain insights in diversifying their portfolios by introducing a housing product were invited to share successes and shortfalls in housing microfinance.

The conference started with a two day training led by Franck Daphnis and Mayada Baydas with the Development Innovations Group (DIG). Throughout the conference, participants from banks and MFIs with successful housing microfinance portfolios shared their lessons learned.  What became very clear at the conference is the added value and the necessity of cooperation between different actors active in the field of housing – cooperation between the public and the private sector, between developers and financial institutions and between banks, MFIs and NGOs.

As remarked by Mr. Bucaro,  Manager Microfinance of G&T Continental in Guatemala: “For me it was an excellent experience to participate in FMO´s Housing Microfinance Conference and to get to know Housing Microfinance  practitioners from different institutions and countries.” At the conference Franck Daphnis conveyed the newness of HMF, “A couple of years ago the term housing microfinance often didn’t ring a bell. This has changed. Though definitions might differ, nowadays, it is a commonly used concept. The current challenge is scalability.”
-An excerpt of FMO's "A Breif Report" on the Housing Microfinance Conference
For more information on the conference, refer to FMO's website as http://www.fmo.nl/smartsite.dws?id=1133.
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