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Wednesday, April 1, 2009
DIG presents Market Assessment and Strategic Plan to Angola Partner

In April 2009, DIG traveled to Angola to meet with HFP Partner KixiCrédito (Angola), S.A. in order to present them with key market assessment findings and strategic recommendations. DIG, in partnership with KixiCrédito, had conducted a market demand assessment in the cities of Huambo and Cabinda in September and October 2008 in order to better understand the nature of the potential demand for housing finance among KixiCrédito’s targeted low income clientele and to identify the best approach and products to meet this demand.

The Market Assessment (which will be available for viewing in late May 2009) included areas of enquiry regarding household income and expenses and access to formal and informal financial services. It further took into account differences in employment categories, geography, and gender variables representative of Angolan low-income earners. By analyzing these factors specifically in the context of housing finance, DIG was able to formulate a strategic plan for housing related loan products to present to KixiCrédito.

This strategic plan, initially presented to KixiCrédito in March 2009, is designed to build on and complement the existing overall Business Plan for 2008-2010. It looks at the KixiCrédito portfolio and future portfolio through the specific lens of the existing and potential housing loan products and includes the following components:

  • The final housing finance market assessment results and detailed analysis.
  • Target client profiles from Huambo and Cabinda (based on the findings of the market assessment).
  • Recommendations for adjustments to the existing housing microfinance product, KixiCasa.
  • Recommendations for an additional, longer term housing product.
  • Roll Out Strategy for Product Delivery.
  • Recommendations on the housing portfolio delivery methods.

It was from these components that DIG derived its overall recommendations for KixiCrédito. On April 1, DIG highlighted the key findings of the market assessment as well adjustments to the housing loan portfolio to DW President/KixiCrédito Board of Director President Allan Cain, KixiCrédito Operations Manager Lauriano Tchoia, KixiCrédito South Regional Manager Emanuel Chissingui as well as DW senior staff members in the Huambo. Based on feedback received from various senior KixiCrédito staff and Board members DIG will submit its final Strategic Plan to KixiCrédito before the end of the month.

KixiCrédito is the first non-bank microfinance institution (NBFI) in Angola. Since its inception in 1999, KixiCrédito quickly become the leading provider of microfinance in the country with an initial focus on solidarity group lending that has evolved in the past few years to also include a range of individual lending products for business capital, home improvement, household consumption as well as a loan targeted exclusively for government salaried employees. KixiCrédito targets low-income clients, with a specific focus on women, in the urban and peri-urban areas of Angola.

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