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Monday, October 1, 2007
DIG delivers housing microfinance training in Mexico

DIG is assisting Sociedad Hipotecaria Federal,S.N.C. (SHF) in reaching out to non-participating financial institutions, to governmental housing agencies, and to current housing microfinance providers in order to expand the reach and scale of housing finance for the poor. In September, DIG offered the first week of training for a variety of stakeholders, including:

• A workshop for officials from various Mexican government agencies envolved with housing on housing microfinance in general, the expansion of low-income housing finance in general and the goals of SHF in providing technical asístanse nationally to this sector
• A workshop for potential new entrants into housing microfinance in Mexico, including current microfinance providers without housing loans, current mortgage lenders or other housing finance providers (like sofoles), and NGOs that work in low-income housing as an introduction to the market and product design.  This included over 60 institutions from all over the country and almost 200 professionals.
• Four 3-hour intensive technical assistance provision for currently developed housing microfinance products: MeXvi (BX+ and WallTech); Te Creemos; FinComún-CEMEX; and Financiera Independencia. The topic and depth of assistance was arranged individually by the finance providers, SHF, and DIG.
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