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Since there are still few examples of existing housing finance products for the poor, practitioners need basic guidance for developing them.  This need goes beyond sharing best practices and goes to the heart of designing, implementing, and expanding products. 

To fulfill this need, this site has pulled together the best and most recent tools to aid financial institutions, especially current microfinance organizations.  In this “toolkit”, we provide:
  • A guide to assessing the environment to determine whether specific housing financial products for the poor are possible in different regulatory contexts
  • A step-by-step guide to conducting market research that is particular to housing finance products for the unbanked
  • A manual for designing a housing microfinance product  that includes eligibility criteria, pricing and repayment terms, securitizing, and determining the need for additional client services
DIG is in the process of the designing the following tools, which will be available for use in the coming months:
  • A manual for designing a micro mortgage product that brings in additional collateral requirements
  • A housing microfinance construction assistance manual
  • Key actions and steps to consider during product implementation, including loan application operations manual and back office management forms

The “Housing Finance for the Poor” team offers all of these tools and guides through this site as a service to potential practitioners.  We also suggest that you explore some recent examples where these or similar tools have been implemented, especially in special contexts, as well as ongoing research that is improving each tool.