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Ongoing DIG Research

Why research?
The Housing Finance for the Poor Program follows an “action research” approach, in which hands-on, local “actions” in different countries with different financial products and services for housing are complemented by exploratory research. 

The research component poses several questions of interest to scholars and practitioners in the housing, housing finance, financial services, development finance, and international development communities—especially, whether housing financial services are a particularly effective means of providing financial access and capital to the poor. 

The only methods of pursuing this original question, however, involve examining which housing financial services are effective, to what extent, and in which context —in other words, the core questions of this program:
  1. What are the key products and what is the potential market for housing finance for the poor (with special emphasis on differentiating between housing finance as a consumption loan or an asset-building loan)?
  2. Can housing finance for the poor be taken to scale and sustained?
  3. What is the ideal policy and regulatory framework to facilitate housing finance for the poor?

These are critical questions that bring up a variety of different themes, all of which are being taken on by the Housing Finance for the Poor Program.

What do we research?
The Housing Finance for the Poor Program has identified the following research themes, all of which are further defined and discussed (with links to other sources and research resources) on this page:

How do we research?
For each of the research themes, the Housing Finance for the Poor Program is performing an exhaustive literature review, drafting state-of-the-art summaries, and posing additional questions to be partially answered by our action work in core countries and our exploratory work in secondary countries. 

The Housing Finance for the Poor Program is also developing an ongoing glossary, library, and up-to-date national profiles of housing finance projects in different countries worldwide, along with this theme-based research work.  All of this can be found at our Research Center.